All training conducted by the Polish School of Echocardiography were granted educational points from:

  • Regional Chambers of Physicians and Dentist
  • Polish Cardiac Society

and points of accreditation from:

  • Section of Echocardiography of the Polish Cardiac Society

All courses of the Polish School of Echocardiography are organized exclusively by Neomed Group, the company well known in the medical community operating on the Polish market for over three years.
Neomed Group takes care of the legal and formal part of the preparation of courses within the Polish School of Echocardiography.

According to the resolution on confirmation of fulfillment of the conditions of postgraduate education of physicians No. 04 / HSC / 14 / P-VI January 20, 2014, the company Group Neomed Sp. z o.o. has been listed to the register of entities conducting postgraduate education of physicians and dentists under the number 68-000340 -001-0002.