Polish School of Echocardiography is a professional medical educational project dedicated to cardiologists, internal medicine doctors and specialists who carry out diagnostic based on the newest methods.

For over three years Polish School of Echocardiography has organized more than 80 workshops. During these workshops we discussed not only the theoretical aspects of echocardiography and its clinical applications, but also examined over 800 patients with various heart diseases.
The project called  "Polish School of Echocardiography" is co-managed by NeoMed under the scientific leadership of Professor Piotr Hoffman and Associate Professor Wojciech Braksator.

Activities conducted by Polish School of Echocardiography:

  1. Advanced Course on Clinical Echocardiography

    by the Polish School of Echocardiography, under the scientific leadership of Prof. Piotr Hoffman and Assicoated Prof. Wojciech Braksator. Courses are given on an advanced level and are designed for the groups of 35-40 cardiologists and internal medicine doctors. The courses are also dedicated to all physicians interested in echocardiography. Our experience shows that every participant can greatly benefit from our courses. Less advanced participants gain practical basic of this diagnostic method, while the more experienced ones have the opportunity to continue their education on more complex clinical cases.

    Basic Course on Clinical Echocardiography

    Advanced Course on Transesophageal Echocardiography (TEE) under the auspices of SCCS

    Basic Course on Transesophageal Echocardiography (TEE)